International hockey player register : la liste

Registre des internationaux de hockey sur glace : the list


This database will feature a detailed profile of every single player who took part to an elite international tournament from 1910 on. To achieve this, we’ve combed through the archives of all IIHF competitions (see the list below). Players’ individual stats are displayed except when they’re unavailable, which is seldom the case. Moreover, if a given player has taken part to a tournament of lesser prestige (such as the B-World Championships), we provide his stats recorded during this tourney as well. In addition, personal profiles are completed with biographical data and a short curriculum – written both in English and in French.

Whenever you find a mistake, or when you can bring additional information, photos about ice hockey history, missing autographs, please contact us (

Nous avons constitué LE registre des joueurs internationaux de ce sport. Sont appelés à y figurer sous forme de fiche détaillée, exclusivement mais sans exception, tous les joueurs ayant participé depuis 1910 à un tournoi international d'élite. Nous avons pour cela passé au peigne fin toutes les compétitions officielles reconnues par la Fédération internationale (voir la liste des abréviations en fin de page). Les statistiques personnelles des participants sont fournies chaque fois que possible, c’est-à-dire très souvent. En outre, si un joueur du registre a pris part à un Mondial de division inférieure, ses statistiques y seront également incluses. Chaque fiche est, dans la majeure partie des cas, complétée par des données biographiques et un portrait de l’homme et du joueur – disponible en anglais et en français.

Si vous détectez une erreur ou un problème de lien, ou si vous pouvez amener des informations complémentaires, des photos sur l'histoire du hockey ou des autographes manquants, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter (

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International hockey all-time records (goals, games, points...) / Records de buts, points, sélections internationales



Making a hockey register of every player to dress in a major international tournament is of course a monumental task at every imagenative level. With so many countries involved it’s a delicate challenge to find relevant information, especially on players from lesser known countries or the very early years. What you are looking at is almost three decades of hockey research. Much of the early pre war stuff on players that can be find on the internet and in the yearly IIHF Guide and Record Book originates from this research.

With several thousands of players to cover it is of course impossible to find biographical or simply basic information on all of them, but it is an effort to give as many as possible their due respect, regardless of how small or big part they had on their teams. A project like this is a constant work in progress and will always improve over time as new information becomes available. Hopefully this will serve as a good starting point for any hockey fan who wants to learn a fact or two about recent and long forgotten heroes of the past, or just simply want to look up stats.

Having painstakingly gone through many newspapers, there has been an effort to collect all the known assists, penalty minutes, goals and games played, dating back to the very first European Championship held in Les Avants 1910. All the stats before the late 1950s are unofficial stats that have been put together through a meticulous review of local newspapers.

As with every project of this magnitude and volume of facts, errors will be present, but the objective is of course to keep them at a minimum. Some may for example wonder why there is no height or weight information available. This decision was based on the fact that there is too much unreliable data and variations in these categories, so it is a more honest approach to not include it, even though some measurements are given in the biographies if a player had notable physical parameters.

Thanks to Marc Branchu this player register will now be available on the internet and is the first one of its kind. Marc has been kind enough to provide space for this player register on his site which have been a wealth of information on French and world hockey for many years. Marc and several of his French colleagues have painstakingly been translating all the English text to French. Also, Marc’s expertise on mainly French players, but also other Europeans have been invaluable as he have corrected many errors and added great insight on players.

Merci Marc & the rest of the gang !

Patrick H



"Elite" competitions :
WC - World Championships / Championnats du monde
OG - Olympic Games / Jeux olympiques
CC - Canada Cup / Coupe Canada
WCH - World Cup of Hockey / Coupe du monde
WSW - Winter Sport Woche (unofficial European Championships 1940 and 1941)
EC - European Championships / Championnats d'Europe
LIHG - Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace 1911-14 (more prestigious than the EC, because foreign players were allowed to participate)

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