Ron Famiglietti


Famiglietti, Ronald Francis "Mugsy"

Position : C

14-01-1941 Norwood, MA, USA

Had natural abilities, although not a great skater, but was shifty and had a good overall grasp of the game. Had a tryout for the US Olympic team in 1960.
Graduated from Bowdoin College in 1962 where he had played for three years and was the captain of the team. As he was approaching 70 he still played recreational senior hockey.
He is not to be confused with Ronald Edward Famiglietti who was born on the same day in 1940 and who passed away in 2002.

Bien que moyennement porté sur le patinage, il possédait des dons innés pour le hockey. Fut essayé en vue des Jeux Olympiques 1960.
Diplômé du Bowdoin College en 1962 dont il fut capitaine pendant trois ans. Jouait encore en vétéran à l'approche des 70 ans.
Ne pas le confondre avec Ronald Edward Famiglietti, né le même jour en 1940 et décédé en 2002.


1963 WC   USA   7   0   0   0   0'   Team USA

Elite           7   0   0   0   0'



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