Bud Hugar


Hugar, Alexander

Position : C

04-07-1912 Fort William, ON, CAN
04-08-1991 St.Catharines, ON, CAN

Canadian born to Romanian parents. Learned to play hockey in Canada where he grew up in Fort William (today Thunder Bay).
Some sources also say that he was born August 4.
His father worked as a section foreman at Quetico & Mabella.
He had four brothers and one sister. One of his brothers passed away on December 15, 2012 at the age of 94.
Romanian newspapers noted that he had played many years in Canada.
One of the clubs he had played for was Fort Frances Orioles. In 1930 he spent a year in San Antonio, Texas where he went to school and played hockey for the San Antonio Rangers.
In 1931 he also officiated the State School Championship there.
During the 1931/32 season he played for the Portland Buckaroos.
He also played for Oakland in the Pacific Coast League in 1935.
In Romania he went under the name Alexandru “Bud” Hugaru.
His first game for Romania came on February 6, 1938 vs Latvia, where he scored the only Romanian goal of the game.
He married Mary Mirka on October 25, 1941.
He later settled down in Saint Catherines, Ontario where he worked as a security guard.

Né canadien de parents roumains. Il a appris le hockey au Canada où il a grandi à Fort William (aujourd’hui Thunder Bay).
Certaines sources situent aussi sa naissance le 4 août.
Son père travaillait comme contremaître à Quetico & Mabella.
Il avait 4 frères et une soeur. L’un de ses frères est mort le 15 décembre 2012 à l’âge de 94 ans.
Les journaux roumains indiquaient qu’il a joué longtemps au Canada. Un de ses clubs était les Orioles de Fort Frances.
En 1930, il passe un an à San Antonio (Texas) où il va à l’école et joue au hockey pour les Rangers de San Antonio.
En 1931, il a aussi officié dans le State School Championship au Texas.
Durant la saison 1931/32, il joue pour les Buckaroos de Portland.
Il a joué aussi pour Oakland en Pacific Coast League en 1935.
En Roumanie, il est connu sous le nom d’Alexandru “Bud” Hugaru.
Son premier match avec la Roumanie est le 6 février 1938 contre la Lettonie où il marque le seul but roumain.
Il se marie à Mary Mirka le 25 octobre 1941.
Il déménage plus tard à Saint-Catherines, Ontario, où il travaille comme garde de sécurité.


1938 WC  ROU   4   1   0   1   -   Telefon Club Bucharest

Elite          4   1   0   1   -



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