Jim Fox


Fox, James Charles "Foxy"

Position : RW

18-05-1960 Coniston, ON, CAN

Grew up in Coniston in a family with four other siblings (three brothers), not far away from Sudbury. There he learned to skate and play hockey behind his home. He came from an athletic family. One of his brothers played professional ice hockey and his father once played organized baseball in Canada.
Liked all sports, but also played golf, tennis and football (safety). Inspired by the play of Bobby Orr while growing up. As a junior he formed a great line for the Ottawa 67s together with Bobby Smith and Steve Payne. Later he played on a line with Yvan Joly and Sean Simpson.
Quick player and an accurate passer who was slowed down by injuries, most notably back, hip and knee injuries. Retired in late 1989 when one of his knees was finished. Considered Ray Bourque to be the strongest guy he ever played against. The toughest competitors he ever played against according to him was Brian Sutter and Al Secord. Worked for Los Angeles Kings after hanging up his skates.
Went on to work as a color commentator for LA Kings. Known for his interest in art.
NHL totals: 578-186-293-479

Né à Coniston, une petite ville proche de Sudbury dans l'Ontario, parmi quatre frères et soeurs. Il apprit à patiner et manier le palet dans la cour située derrière sa maison, une histoire classique surtout pour un garçon issu d'une famille sportive. Un de ses frères a lui aussi connu une carrière de hockeyeur pro et son père de joueur de baseball.
Jim lui-même touchait de nombreux sports (golf, tennis, football américain). Fan de Bobby Orr, il fit impression en junior sous le chandail des Ottawa 67s, où il était aligné en attaque aux côtés de Bobby Smith et Steve Payne, puis avec Yvan Joly et Sean Simpson.
Joueur vif et précis dont la carrière fut émaillée de blessures (dos, hanche, genou). C'est justement le genou qui le força à partir à la retraite fin 1989. A toujours considéré Ray Bourque comme son adversaire le plus costaud, Brian Sutter et Al Secord étant les plus retors.
Entré ensuite dans l'organisation des LA Kings, qui l'embauchèrent notammment en tant qu'expert pour la chaîne du club. Amateur d'art.
479 points (186+293) inscrits en 578 parties de NHL.


1986 WC   CAN  10   2   1   3   2'   Los Angeles Kings (NHL)

Elite          10   2   1   3   2'



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