Otello D'Apollonia


D’Apollonia Leonard Otello

Position : C

28-02-1914 Edmonton, AB, CAN
03-05-2003 Montréal, QC, CAN

His father Giuseppe [1880-1956] was born in Codroipo, Italy and his mother Aurora [1883-1972] was born in neighbouring village of Rivolto, Italy. His parents later moved to Montréal, QC, and that’s where Otello grew up.
Formed a dangerous line both in AMDG Milano and the Italian national team with Giorgio Pellegrini and Egidio Bruciamonti.
Passed away at the Jewish General Hospital on May 3, 2003. He was buried at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery in Montreal on May 6, 2003.

Son père Giuseppe [1880-1956] est né à Codroipo (Frioul) et sa mère Aurora [1883-1972] est née dans le village voisin de Rivolto. Ses parents ont ensuite quitté l'Italie pour Montréal, et c'est là qu'Otello a grandi.
A formé une ligne dangereuse au sein de l'AMDG Milan et de l'équipe d'Italie avec Giorgio Pellegrini et Egidio Bruciamonti.
Décédé au Jewish General Hospital le 3 mai 2003. Enterré au cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges de Montréal le 6 mai 2003.


1939 WC   ITA   3   1       1       AMDG Milano



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